O, Canada: We're kinda jealous tbh.


The Canadian Space Agency issued a press release about their newly-updated logo. That said, it's pretty clear to even the most casual viewer that it's aboot as Canadian as Drake riding a moose wearing a Raptors jersey.

Which is to say: Very.

"The maple leaf generates pride and a sense of belonging, and is also recognized all over the world," the statement reads, bringing to mind the comic image of seeing someone wearing a giant Maple Leaf in space. "It gives the impression of taking flight" — like a Maple Leaf in the wind, perhaps — "symbolizing daring invention" — read: the syrup tap? — "and our sights set on the future" — pancakes? "ready to push the boundaries of ingenuity and innovation."

The three stars in the logo seem fairly self-explanatory, but nevertheless, the Canadians persisted in their definition. It represents space and, they explained, "symbolizes brilliance, intelligence, and expertise."

"Its repetition embodies the strength of the community, which includes all those involved in the Canadian space program – industry, scientists, academia, government, and STEM organizations."


Beyond just the symbolism, however, the updated look provides the CSA with an opportunity to modernize its brand as it seeks to reach ever further to the stars.

"An exciting era of space exploration is unfolding before us," the statement reads, "and the CSA seeks to enter this new chapter with a modern identifying symbol."

One of the flagship operations of this forthcoming era is, as the CSA notes in its 2023-24 Departmental Plan literature, a literal (or, well, robotic) arm of a new lunar-orbiting space station that's part of its joint "Gateway" operation with NASA.

Known as "Canadarm3," the autonomous space bot is slated to use its "cutting-edge software to perform tasks while orbiting the Moon, without human intervention," the CSA planning document reads.

"Along with its maintenance and repair duties, Canadarm3 will be able to catch incoming spacecraft, such as those that will eventually carry crewed missions," the CSA document boasts — including NASA's half-a-century-anticipated Artemis III mission to the Moon, which is currently scheduled to launch in December 2025.

These kinds of modestly-exciting plans are, indeed, quelle canadienne — and we gotta say, their new logo takes us back to the golden age of American spacefaring and all the aesthetic wonders therein. O Canada, take it from your neighbors to the south: As we say down here, your new space logo "absolutely fucks." On behalf of America: Well done.

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