Oh hell yes.


A group of German engineers converted a Tesla Model 3 into a hulking beast to take it off-roading.

As seen in an eight minute YouTube video, the gearheads spent four weeks adding giant chain tracks to the car, turning an otherwise pedestrian sedan into a six-ton, fully electric off-roading rampager.

As Elektrek points out, Teslas are popular conversions for off-road enthusiasts because of their powerful electric powertrains and monstrous amounts of torque — shout out to billionaire CEO Elon Musk for getting something right.

Mechanics have previously converted Teslas into a bunch of things, like a mini-tank with snow tracks and a sick-looking muddin' machine — but this new project really takes the cake.

Although the "Real Life Guys" filmed their clip while speaking German, the English subtitles explain their work step-by-step.

Convert, Convert, Convert

Converting an electric car is expensive, hard work, and it's great to see customers converting vehicles because they can't find what they're looking for. For one, this monster Tesla certainly looks a lot more badass and capable than the electric car company's long-awaited Cybertruck.

If manufacturers see a viable market for building electric ATVS and other recreational vehicles they'll be more likely to create new products and spread the EV love farther and wider.

And electric Tesla tanks are just the tip of the off-road iceberg.

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