"Polluting more than I do with my car. Wow what a hero."

Elon's Jet

The infamous Twitter account ElonJet —which Tesla CEO Elon Musk already tried to bribe into shutting down just before he purchased the whole social media platform — just ratted him out for a super short and eco un-friendly flight on his private jet.

The flight left San Jose, California Friday morning and landed in San Francisco just 9 minutes later, according to the automated public flight information software powering the account. Followers on social media were quick to criticize Musk for what many said is a wasteful trip that flies in the face of the billionaire's supposed goals.

"Elon sells Tesla as an 'eco-friendly' company, meanwhile he uses his jet to move this short distance polluting more than I will do with my car in a year. Wow what a hero," one Twitter used replied yesterday.


Hold Up

As social media users said, Musk claims his companies are helping solve climate change publicly — all the time.

Last month he started Twitter beef with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates because the said the fellow billionaire is a hypocrite for publicly talking about climate change but privately betting against him. Gates owned up to shorting Tesla stock in a text message.

But just last week, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) pushed back SpaceX's launches in Texas while they continue to evaluate the facility's environmental impact. Now Musk is taking private jet flights for trips plebeians make every day.

Musk may not be as eco-friendly as he purports. But hey, even if the FAA doesn't let him send rockets into orbit with SpaceX, he'll still have a private jet to fly around in.

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