"Thank you Matt Damon for helping people lose their money."

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Listen up, peons: the only reason Boston's second-biggest movie star Matt Damon even did that Crypto.com ad for the 2022 Super Bowl was to raise money for his charity, capiche?

In an interview with the Associated Press, Damon opened up about his now-infamous "fortune favors the brave" ad from last year's big game and insisted that the "story behind" it had everything to do with philanthropy.

According to the "Bourne Identity" star, the prior year had been a "down" one at Water.org, his microgrant charity that helps people in the developing world access clean water and sanitation products. So when he was offered a still-undisclosed amount from the Singapore-based crypto barons, he jumped at the chance — but for charity, of course!

"I did that commercial in an attempt to raise money for Water.org," Damon told the AP while on the red carpet for some event in Los Angeles earlier this week, adding that he gave his "whole salary" to the org.

Back Scratcher

The actor also said that Crypto.com also donated a cool $1 million to Water.org — seriously, what's up with including the whole ".com" and ".org" in the branding for both of these? — and as Bloomberg reported back in 2021, that donation did, in fact, happen.

"I have a lot of gratitude for what they did for our foundation," Damon said.

While we're sure the "Good Will Hunting" star is sincere, we prefer the thanks issued in the top comment left under AP's YouTube video of the interview.

"Thank you Matt Damon," the comment reads, "for helping people lose their money."

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