You'll be able to call for help directly from the app.

Don't Panic

On Tuesday, ridehail startup Lyft announced the addition of an in-app "panic button" that automatically calls 911 when pressed — and it's just one in a series of initiatives designed to improve rider safety.

"Lyft is relentlessly focused on finding new ways to further strengthen safety measures on our platform," Mary Winfield, Lyft’s Head of Trust & Safety, said in a press release. "Today, we’re glad to continue building on our commitment to safety by making it easier to identify your Lyft ride, get help in an unsafe situation, and ensure everyone in our community is held to the same standards."

Safety First

Lyft added the 911 feature to its driver app back in September. And according to the press release, it plans to roll out the option for riders in the coming weeks.

The company also plans to make driver license plate information more prominent in the app. This could ensure riders don't enter the wrong vehicle, a mistake that led to the murder of an Uber rider in April.

Lyft is also offering all drivers and riders access to sexual harassment prevention education — though it didn't elaborate on how it plans to do that — and to help ensure it's aware of any possible issues involving a driver, the company will begin requiring riders to provide additional feedback if they give a driver a rating below four stars.

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