They point to some ominous places.

Engraved Monolith

Australia just got its own mysterious metal monolith — and this time it features coordinates engraved on its surface that point to some cryptic places, as Yahoo News reports.

The world has been gripped by monolith fever, with a countless number of new ten-foot-ish installations popping up around the globe on an almost daily basis.

The first one, discovered in the Utah wilderness last month, may have been there for several years — but succeeding monoliths seem to have been installed not too long ago. Apart from some differences in quality assurance and finishes, most of the structures have looked roughly similar.

Conspiracy Junky

The most recent monolith, discovered in a field outside of Adelaide in South Australia, is adding its own little twist to the story: cryptic coordinates engraved into its surface.

And they point to some peculiar places: the first coordinates point at Trump Tower in New York, the second to an uninhabited island in the Northern Mariana Islands, and a third to the Sphinx in Egypt, local tabloid The Advertiser reports.

The significance of these coordinates is completely unknown — but our money is on it being some kind of practical joke.

Several groups have attempted to take credit for the mysterious monoliths, including artist collective The Most Famous Artist and the YouTube channel called I Did A Thing, as New Zealand-based NewsHub reports.

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