"Such a car guy, you don't even know that's a gas-powered Corvette."

Pure Optimism

It's no secret that US president Joe Biden is prone to gaffes.

But confusing a gas-guzzling Corvette sports car for an electric vehicle has us stumped.

"You all know I'm a car guy," Biden tweeted this week. "Today I visited the Detroit Auto Show and saw firsthand the electric vehicles that give me so many reasons to be optimistic about our future."

Confoundingly, though, the image shows Biden getting comfortable in a 2023 Corvette Z06 — a combustion engine-powered sports car that gets a dismal 13 miles per gallon in the city, a hilarious faux pas that significantly undermines Biden's intention behind the tweet.

Car Guy

Of course, the internet had a field day with the tweet.

"Such a car guy, you don't even know that's a gas-powered Corvette," one user chided.

"Is this the same guy that can't found then exit door at any event he attends?" another netizen argued.

EV Investment

Credit where credit is due, the Biden administration has been significantly invested in the future of the electric car in the US.

For instance, last year, Biden mandated that all federal vehicles become electric. Just yesterday, the Biden administration announced $900 million in grants to build out EV charging infrastructure. And the Inflation Reduction Act, which Biden signed into law last month, will also make EVs substantially more affordable thanks to tax credits.

In other words, maybe we should forgive Biden — or, rather, his social media team — for this particular blunder.

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