"Leo, come over here, I want to show you something..."

He's Jelly

It appears that billionaire Jeff Bezos may have a sense of humor.

In response to a now-viral video of the Amazon and Blue Origin founder's girlfriend Lauren Sánchez cozying up to movie star Leonardo DiCaprio, Bezos tweeted a photo of himself standing with a cliffside "danger" sign warning of a "steep cliff" and "fatal drop."

Bezos tagged DiCaprio and added, in syntax that's a bizarre mix of dad humor, clueless billionaire, and, perhaps, an interest in the most dangerous game: "Leo, come over here, I want to show you something..."

Wealth Sacks

Tarnishing the joke, sports website Barstool Sports — the source Bezos quote-tweeted with the video of his girlfriend hugging DiCaprio — was cancelled once again this week after its "presidente" and founder Dave Portnoy was accused of sexual assault by multiple former partners.

Big picture, was the tweet a joke? A threat? One more misfired attempt to appear relatable?

At Bezos' level of demigodlike, star-system-colonizing wealth, we'll probably never know.

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