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Jazz Generated by a Neural Network Is Absolutely Terrifying

byJon Christian
7. 19. 19
Social Butterfly via Pixabay/Tag Hartman-Simkins

Here's what we can say for sure: it's unlike anything you've ever heard before.

Free Jazz

A pair of musicians-turned-programmers used a John Coltrane record to train a neural network.

The result is a provocative glimpse of what it sounds like when an algorithm deconstructs a piece of human art and reassembles it into something a human would never create.

Really Experimental

The music the algorithm produces, which is streamed live 24 hours a day, is uncanny.

For a few minutes, it’ll produce plausible-sounding free jazz. Then the drums will segue into an inhuman trill, or the horns will disintegrate into a cacophonous wash of sound.


Let’s just say that it’s not your dad’s jazz.


Dadabots, which is a collaboration between coders CJ Carr and Zack Zukowski, has done other experiments with AI-generated music.

In 2017, they generated an entire black metal album using AI. Earlier this year, they created an algorithm that streams AI-generated death metal. They’ve also experimented in genres ranging from ’60s pop to punk rock.

Here’s what we can say for sure: it’s unlike anything you’ve ever heard before.


LISTEN MORE: OUTERHELIOS – Free Jazz – 24/7 Neural Network Livestream – NASA – Coltrane [YouTube]

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