The Sheriff of Nottingham just got a serious upgrade.

Auto-Aiming Bow

YouTuber Shane Wighton from the channel "Stuff Made Here" has created a terrifying bow that aims itself and never misses.

The bow is so sophisticated that Wighton doesn't even have to look at the target — he demonstrates with an apple perched on top of a Styrofoam apple — to hit a bullseye.

It's an amazing invention, but perhaps also a sobering reminder of what technology is capable of.

Stuff Made There

Wighton has brought us a number of delightful inventions, from a bullet-powered baseball bat that can hit insanely far home runs to a basketball hoop backboard that makes sure every single shot goes in.

Remember that terrifying robot arm contraption with an actual chainsaw attached to the end? That was him as well.

His latest invention, a heavily modified bow, allows Wighton to pull back the string and let the bow contraption strapped to his torso take care of the rest. Trackable sensors and code make sure an automatic positioning system points at just the right spot. When the bow is aligned perfectly, the string gets released.

The results are astonishing. The arrows can even hit flying targets, as Wighton demonstrates in his evil lair, or sorry, his basement. It's so accurate, in fact, that it's capable of hitting a Lego "apple" placed on top of an unsuspecting Lego man's head.

"Being good at stuff is so 20th century," Wighton says in his video.

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