Wait, is that a...

Dildo Days

Some things you just can't make up β€” especially when it comes to this image of a phallic iceberg captured by a man from a Newfoundland town fittingly called Dildo.

We cannot emphasize enough that we are not joking. As the CBC reports, iceberg enthusiasts have been rock hard for a photo of the peculiarly-shaped floater taken by photographer Ken Pretty.

"I'm gettin' a lot of response, a lot of reaction to the photo because of its resemblance to... part of the male anatomy," the photographer, who shot the picture via drone, told the CBC.

Snow Phallus

As with most dick-shaped things that crop up online, the internet was abuzz with excitement over the iceberg, or "dickieberg," which is a nod to the Newfie slang term for penis, "dickie bird."

Of course, this is far from the first time snow dicks have made headlines β€” who can forget the Central Park snow penis of 2014? β€” but unlike those sorts of hand-shaped structures, the one photographed by Pretty was made by nature.

While this has apparently been a banner year for icebergs of all shapes and sizes off Canada's frozen coast, as the CBC notes, anyone hoping to catch a glimpse of "dickieberg" for themselves is unfortunately out of luck β€” because the tip has already fallen off.

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