"We deserve this timeline."

The Roof Is on Fyre

It's been a year since Fyre Festival founder Billy McFarland was let out of prison early after defrauding investors. But now, he's already planning to hold another one — and this time, shockingly, it'll be all about crypto and the metaverse.

In a tweet that has unsurprisingly gone viral, McFarland teased — complete with fire emojis — that "Fyre Festival II is finally happening" before inviting Twitter users to "tell me why you should be invited."

Tricky, Tricky

Held all the way back in 2017, Fyre Fest 1.0 was so disastrous that the name itself literally became a metaphor for failed ventures.

With the help of rapper Jeffrey "Ja Rule" Atkins and events planner Andy King, who is perhaps best known for reportedly being willing to perform sex acts in exchange for potable water on the festival grounds, McFarland's festival was such an epic failure, it literally resulted in him being slapped with a six-year prison sentence — though he only ended up serving one of those years, in the end.

After being released early from his six-year prison sentence in March 2022 and then let out of a New York halfway house a few months later, the Fyre Fest founder has been busy with a new scheme he's calling "PYRT" — which is supposed to be pronounced like "pirate" — which unsurprisingly involves crypto and a digital festival to be held entirely in the metaverse.

As Insider notes, part of McFarland's guilty plea deal was to agree never to serve as the director of a public company again, though given that neither PYRT nor Fyre are public companies, he seems to have found a glaring loophole.

Slam Dunk

Unsurprisingly, everyone is already dunking on McFarland's dumpster "Fyre" of a tweet.

"Hey, if this can happen maybe FTX really will come back," reporter Colin Wilhelm tweeted in response to the news.

"We deserve this timeline," another joked.

Indeed, as insane as the concept of buying tickets to a Fyre Fest II seems to be, there will undoubtedly be people who drop thousands of dollars just to see what happens — and honestly, they deserve whatever they get.

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