Did Elon just reveal plans for a Tesla bus?


In a since-deleted tweet this morning, Tesla CEO Elon Musk seemed to tease a new vehicle by the electric carmaker — and then deleted the tweet.

"We will make a dense Tesla if it matters," he wrote in the deleted tweet, as spotted by Electrek. "Maybe just better to have more tunnels though. There is no practical limit to tunnel count."

Tunnel Vision

The outburst came in response to a tweet this morning in which Musk acknowledged the underwhelming response to the company's tunnel plans.

"We simplified this a lot," he wrote. "It’s basically just Teslas in tunnels at this point, which is way more profound than it sounds."

Elon Musk's Boring Company has been busy digging its first tunnel in Las Vegas to get convention goers from point A to point B.

But rather having attendees zipping through the tunnels inside futuristic, glass-clad pods, as early renders by The Boring Company illustrated, the reality was that they'd trudge through the tunnels in regular old Teslas.

A July render Musk showed off on Twitter showed a series of Tesla electric cars lining up to ferry passengers through the tunnel — a far cry from a high density passenger system.


Define Bus

Tesla has yet to reveal any passenger dense vehicles, unless you count the Model X, a seven-seater SUV, or the Tesla Semi, a truck designed to haul cargo.

In June, officials also claimed that Tesla would eventually develop electric vans that seat 12 people and their luggage for the Boring Company's latest loop in San Bernardino county.

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