Some of you would fold in this situation.

Fall For You

Oh, how the mighty have fallen! Or at least, that's the general vibe we're getting after learning that Elon Musk is once again less rich than that other notorious pauper, Mark Zuckerberg.

Indeed, as the daily-updated Bloomberg Billionaires Index demonstrates, Musk's net worth now stands at a measly $181 billion, which basically makes him working class these days.

Joking aside, Musk once enjoyed a comfortable top position, but has now lost so much of his wealth that he's behind not just Zuckerberg, in third at $187 billion, but also Jeff Bezos in second at $207 billion, as well as the world's current richest man, French luxury goods titan Bernard Arnault, whose net worth currently rounds out at a cool $223 billion.

To be fair, this is far from the first time Musk has lost the number one spot. Over the years, he, Bezos, and Arnault have regularly been neck-and-neck for the title of world's richest man in one of the most cursed three-way battles in history. As Bloomberg reports, the multi-hyphenate Canadian-South African was ranked richest in the world as recently as March of this year.


With all that jockeying for first position, however, Zuckerberg making the top three and surpassing Musk in wealth is more of a rarity. According to Fortune, the Meta CEO hasn't been a bronze-medal billionaire since November 2020 — a position change that predates the rivals' long-awaited IRL cage match.

Last week, Musk fell to third-richest on the Billionaires Index after Reuters reported that Tesla was scrapping plans for a cheaper model. Despite the CEO's insistence that those reports were false, the electric car company's stock fell nonetheless, losing Musk $6 billion in the process and bringing him down with the hoi polloi.

Paired with the reported loss of nearly $40 billion in personal wealth since the beginning of 2024, it's not a shock that Musk is feeling the burn. But hey, at least he's still richer than Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and his former bestie Larry Page.

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