Apparently the cars' parking sensors go hogwild in drive-through lanes.

Close Quarters

The close confines of a drive-thru lane apparently mess with Teslas' parking sensors, resulting in a cacophony of annoying beeps and alarms.

Parking sensors can help drivers avoid annoying dings and dangerous collisions as they try to back into a spot. But now Tesla CEO Elon Musk says he's looking into providing the option to turn them off, Business Insider reports, to spare hungry drivers from annoyance as they wait for a burger.

Crowdsourced Features

Musk's announcement comes after someone complained to him on Twitter about the noise her car makes while detecting hazards in the drive-thru lane. Musk replied: "Looking into it."

Of course, given the propensity for new Tesla features to cause accidents, crashes, and other forms of damage, it might be best to keep the alarms on for now.

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