Mr. Musk has moves... sort of.


Just hours before meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron, Elon Musk was spotted dancing the night away in Mexico — which may explain why he seemed so out of it the next day.

As TMZ reported, the multi-hyphenate billionaire was seen partying it up at the Sundream Baja festival in Cabo San Lucas. Naturally, tons of videos got posted to social media of his dancefloor antics, with observers commenting on his "white boy dance moves."

As The Independent notes, the videos were shot just hours before Musk met up with Macron in Paris, where he appeared disheveled and unshaven after partying.

"I had to sleep in the car," the Twitter, Tesla, and SpaceX owner reportedly told the French president when they met at Versailles, of all places.

Jetty Setty Go

This latest "Choose France" summit was apparently requested by Macron as he attempts to get Musk and other entrepreneurs to invest in France and bring their business to the European nation, Reuters reported.

"We talked about the attractiveness of France and the significant progress in the electric vehicle and energy sectors," Macron said in a tweet about the meeting. "We also talked about digital regulation."

"We have so much to do together," the French president added in English, though it's unclear whether he meant clubbing or not.

These latest videos of Musk breaking it down on the dancefloor are, of course, not the first time he's been filmed awkwardly dancing.

In January 2020, he was seen busting a move at a Chinese Tesla factory and decided to do so again at the grand opening of the electric vehicle company's Berlin Gigafactory last year, too.

Shots of him getting down in the club, however, seem to be new — and to corroborate that he may have been just as hungover as he looked in that Macron meeting.

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