"That's a good imitation. I don't know how you do that."


X-formerly-Twitter owner Elon Musk has once again been accused of operating a fake online persona.

As The Daily Dot reports, the drama started over the weekend when several X users suggested that Musk has secretly been operating an account belonging to one "Adrian Dittmann" — a seeming Musk fan who tweets and speaks almost exactly like the SpaceX and Tesla CEO. Among the accusers was Twitter power user @LiamNissan, whose long-standing account was deleted shortly after the allegations started gaining some steam. This led many netizens to believe that Musk had a hand in @LiamNissan's removal from the platform, and the hashtag #FreeLiamNissan quickly took off, as did the rumor that Musk is Wizard of Oz-ing the alleged Dittmann's account.

As it turns out, Musk wasn't the one who nuked @LiamNissan's account; @LiamNissan later clarified in a Bluesky post that he deleted his own X profile following an onslaught "creepy ass threats."

Even so, the Dittmann theory isn't completely out of the realm of possibility — especially considering that Musk was caught last spring appearing to operate what strongly looked like two separate burner accounts, one of which he allegedly used to shower himself in praise from the perspective of a young child. So there's that!

Mother Maye

Dittmann, who has a sizeable following, isn't a new figure. The account went somewhat viral last year when he and Musk encountered each other in a cursed X Spaces chat, shocking the crowd with their uncannily similar voices. And as far as Musk fans go, Dittmann's as committed as they come. His pinned tweet reads that "it took Boston Dynamics 30 years to achieve what Tesla achieved in one," and on one occasion, he responded to a picture of Musk with his young son, saying: "You're an amazing father, Elon. Your kids are very lucky to have you." Dittmann is also affiliated with the financial advising group "Rebellionaire," which claims to offer support to "All-In $TSLA investors."

Musk and Dittmann's voices are so similar that in an X Spaces event hosted on February 19, Musk's mother, Maye Musk, could hardly tell them apart.

"Whoaaaa," Maye remarked, according to a clip of the interaction shared by Dittmann. "That's a good imitation. I don't know how you do that."

To be clear, unlike previous Musk burner account revelations, there doesn't seem a ton of hard evidence supporting the idea that Musk and Dittmann are the same person. And of course, at face value, the idea that the world's richest man would go so far as to jump into live chats with himself under the guise that he was appearing as two separate people seems exceedingly unlikely. Then again, this is Elon Musk — expecting the unexpected is sometimes a safe bet.

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