"Have you any idea how furious I am?"

Mother's Fury

Multi-hyphenate CEO Elon Musk's mommy has had enough of pesky regulators coming after her beautiful boy.

In a decidedly old-man-yells-at-clouds tweet, Maye Musk lashed out at the media for trying to tarnish the name of her son's EV maker.

"The mainstream media headlines are depending on dumb people reading their articles or watching their TV shows," she complained, at-mentioning mainstream media outlets with abandon.

The 75-year-old author and model was referring to her son's EV maker Tesla having to recall 2 million cars in the US after the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration concluded that it hadn't done enough to prevent drivers from abusing its driver assistance features.

Tesla's fanboys have since argued that the headlines were misleading and that an "over-the-air update isn't a recall" — which is categorically untrue according to federal law.

The regulator has spent two years now investigating hundreds of crashes that involved the company's Autopilot feature, including over a dozen fatal ones.

On her son's social media platform, Maye Musk has rallied behind her son, arguing that the conspiracy against him went all the way to the top, with president Joe Biden singling him out for no reason.

Her son's "goal is to make this world a better place," she wrote in a separate tweet earlier this week. "[President Biden] wants to stop him. Have you any idea how furious I am?"

Beautiful Boy

Maye Musk's latest tweet was in response to another user referencing remarks Biden made well over a year ago, arguing that "Elon Musk's cooperation and, or, technical relationships with other countries is worthy of being looked at."

Musk has well-documented ties to governments with extraordinarily poor track records for human rights and democratic governance, including Saudi Arabia's and the Kremlin.

And in any case, the tweet Maye Musk was responding to fails to mention is that Biden fell far short of actually placing any blame on the entrepreneur.

In short, there isn't some grand government conspiracy stopping Musk from saving the world. It's quite the opposite: the mercurial CEO has gotten away with a whole lot over the years, from flouting labor laws and busting unions to furthering antisemitic conspiracy theories and even seemingly trying to wriggle out of paying child support.

It's only natural for a mother to love her son unconditionally. But if your son happens to be the richest man in the world who regularly throws tantrums and cusses out his critics, it might be time for some much-needed introspection.

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