Are you ready for President Saul Goodman?

Better Call Trump

YouTube creator Ctrl Shift Face deepfaked U.S. President Donald Trump onto the face of Bob Odenkirk in a scene from the hit AMC show "Breaking Bad." The end result: "Better Call Trump" — a high tech parody that not only replicates Trump's facial features, but his voice as well.

In the scene, Odenkirk's titular character James McGill (who took on the pseudonym Saul Goodman) explains to a y0ung Jesse Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul, the basics of money laundering — a fitting monologue for Trump, who has been accused of involvement in money laundering schemes.

Money Laundering 101

Even better, Trump's deepfaked son-in-law Jared Kushner takes over Paul's character. Kushner was named a senior White House advisor in 2017, prompting complaints of nepotism.

The video used open source deepfake software called DeepFaceLab to effectively cut and paste Trump and Kushner's faces frame by frame.

Ctrl Shift Face even generated Trump's voice to speak Odenkirk's lines with the help of StableVoices, a separate social media account that's using an AI-powered voice synthesizer to replicate famous movie and TV lines.

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