"This is not survivable for a little comet."

Leeeeroy Jenkins

On Thursday, NASA watched as a "sungrazer comet" sailed through space on a self-destructive collision course with the Sun.

Unfortunately, the poor fella didn't survive its close encounter, CNET reports. Perhaps that's not all that surprising for anything hurtling toward the Sun, but astronomers did get some fascinating footage as they watched the comet break apart in real-time.

Rest In Peace

NASA and the US Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) spotted the comet after it let out a bright flash of light on its approach. Sungrazer comets are fairly common, CNET reports, but it's unusual for them to announce themselves with such dramatic flair. Unfortunately, this one's journey is already over.

"This is not survivable for a little comet," NASA and NRL researcher Karl Battams wrote in a tweet about the comet's trajectory.

Doomed Journey

Even aside from its final destination, the scientists observing the comet could tell it was doomed by looking at its tail.

In another tweet, Battams pointed out that the comet didn't have a regular tail. Instead, it was leaving a trail of debris and boulders behind as it rapidly broke apart on its journey. Needless to say, we'll be pouring one out.

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