It’s your funeral.

Coffin Carrier

We've already seen do-it-yourselfer Tesla owners convert their cars into pickup trucks and police cruisers.

Now, a man in Norway has transformed a Model S into a Tesla hearse — and he's ready to sell it to you for about $200,000.

Funeral Ferry

Electrek spotted the hearse listed for sale on Finn, a Norwegian classifieds website, for SEK 1,999,000, which converts to about $208,000.

According to the ad, the hearse is a converted 2018 Model S with a gray exterior and 1,000 kilometers (621 miles) on its odometer. Photos reveal a sleek white and black interior with elegant wood paneling, confirming that any passengers would arrive at their final resting place in style.

Image Credit: Finn

Death on Wheels

Though undeniably remarkable, this Tesla hearse isn't one of a kind — the man behind it, Jan Erik Naley, has made three of the vehicles, Electrek reported.

Still, those past Tesla hearses appear to have been commissioned, while it seems this one was built on spec.

So if you're an eco-conscious funeral home director — or just a Tesla fan with a taste for the macabre — now's your chance to snag one for about the same price you'd pay for a 2020 Roadster.

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