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Watch This YouTuber Mod Her Tesla Model 3 Into a Pickup Truck

June 18th 19__Victor Tangermann__Filed Under: Advanced Transport
Simone Giertz via The Verge


You may know her as the “queen of shitty robots,” but her newest project is very impressive.

YouTuber Simone Giertz, known for building bizarre and pointless bots, turned a Tesla Model 3 into a pickup truck in her latest video.

Luckily she got plenty of help from friends, including rogue Tesla mechanic and fellow YouTube celeb Rich Rebuilds, to turn the luxury sedan into a small but fully functional electric pickup.

After some hiccups with the Model 3’s electronics and steel reinforcements, they finally got it to work. Watch the results of her project below:

Model 3 Pickup

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has actually been hyping up a pickup truck model for years now. In November of last year, Musk described the upcoming model as “a really futuristic-like cyberpunk, ‘Blade Runner’ pickup truck” in a Recode interview.

“My goal is to never own a gas car,” Giertz said in the video. “I feel like I should pad this a little bit, but I’m not going to. Fuck oil companies. Seriously, fuck them.”

But Giertz’ DIY pickup won’t have the ability to haul a Ford F-150 pickup truck in its own truck bed — something that Musk promised the new Tesla pickup will be able to do in 2017.

Nonetheless, she’s very happy with the outcome.

“This process has destructive steps but the end goal is constructive,” she said in the video. “And I’m doing it because I really, really want this car. This is truly my dream car.”

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