Sorry, ladies!

Heart Breaker

Earlier this month, Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa — the man who bought the first SpaceX Starship round trip ticket to the Moon back in 2018 — announced he will be looking for a travel companion and "life partner" as part of a Japanese reality TV show called "Full Moon Lovers," run by streaming service AbemaTV.

But on Thursday, Maezawa had to break the hearts of over 20,000 women, revealing on Twitter that he would no longer be part of the TV show.

Personal Reasons

"Due to personal reasons, I have informed AbemaTV yesterday with my decision to no longer participate in the matchmaking documentary, hence requested for the cancellation of the show," Maezawa wrote in a tweet.

"To think that 27,722 women, with earnest intentions and courage, had used their precious time to apply makes me feel extremely remorseful to conclude and inform everyone with this selfish decision of mine," he continued in a follow-up.

Female Partner

The show was going to follow Maezawa in his search for a "female partner to go to the moon with him," according to the show's official website.

All that remains on the website now is an announcement apologizing for Maezawa's impromptu decision.

"For those who have applied to the selection..., we are very sorry that we had to cancel this project in this way."

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