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Apple allows its customers to return any product within two weeks of purchasing it.

And luckily, that's very much the case as well for those who shelled out an eye-searing $3,500 on an Apple Vision Pro VR headset.

That's because a growing number of users are finding the hefty headset too uncomfortable to wear for prolonged periods of time. As The Verge reports, some are getting headaches from wearing the device. Others have noted that it digs into their cheeks and nose thanks to its front-loaded heft.

In extreme cases, the headset, which requires wearers to use their eyes as a pointer device, can lead to more serious eye troubles: The Verge's product manager Parker Ortolani said using the device even appeared to have caused a burst blood vessel in his eye.

"There is quite literally no other reason I can think of for having developed this," he wrote in a post on Threads. "Just doesn't happen to my eyes. Not until now."

Eye Strainer

The device has received mixed reviews, following many years of development behind closed doors. Apart from its sky-high price, users were impressed by the visual fidelity of the device's high-fidelity displays and its eye-tracking capability.

But keeping a device that weighs as much as an 11-inch iPad Pro secured to the front of your face is bound to come with some discomfort.

One user wrote in a post on the VisionPro subreddit that the device is "very heavy and uncomfortable to wear and I cannot imagine using for any extended period of time."

X-formerly-Twitter user and YouTuber Farzad Mesbahi argued that "for a technology/productivity device," the device's clunkiness makes it a "non-starter for me."

Besides being extremely bulky, other users noted that Apple's infamous "walled garden" makes file management a nightmare.

Is it just a vocal minority that isn't ready to shell out the equivalent of several months of rent for many people on a VR headset? It's still too early to conclude if the Vision Pro is a success or not.

Given the sheer amount of interest in the device, there's clearly enough appetite for a cheaper and lighter device later down the road.

But that's far easier said than done, especially when you're Apple. Insiders believe the next iteration of the headset is still several years out, which means fans will have to be patient for now.

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