The iPhone 11's weird triple-camera design is leaving people disgusted.

Disturbing Design

On Tuesday, Apple unveiled the iPhone 11 Pro, which is loaded with new camera features like a background-eliminating portrait mode for headshots, a front-facing lens that can take slow-motion video — which Apple really hopes you'll call "slofies" — and three separate lenses that take wide-angle shots.

But Apple is already facing backlash against the camera's design. People are tweeting about how the three lenses are setting off their trypophobia — an aversion to patterns of tightly-packed holes — that's leaving them disgusted or horrified when they look at the new handset.

Opt Out

Some are even complaining that the off-putting lenses will lead them to skip over the new iPhone and hold onto their older models.

Others say they're opting out entirely.

Feels Bad

As it stands, trypophobia is not an officially-recognized medical condition, but that doesn't mean that people aren’t feeling repulsed.

For some, the new iPhone is the first thing to trigger any sort of trypophobia, truly a monumental accomplishment for Apple.

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