"I’m probably the oldest guy in the NFT community..."

Lambs NFTing

Sir Anthony Hopkins is following through with a prior threat: transforming his iconic body of work into non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

As Variety reports, the "Silence of the Lambs" star is launching a line titled "the Eternal Collection" that places his most famous roles within archetypes like "The Hero," "The Lover," and "The Magician."

While it's incredibly goofy that an 84-year-old movie star is into NFTs at all, the details of the drop, scheduled to be released next month on OpenSea by the studio Orange Comet Web3, sound and look pretty baller.

For the most expensive tier of NFTs, Variety notes, one lucky high bidder will get an animated GIF with all 10 of the tarot-esque archetypes, along with framed physical posters of art chosen by the knighted actor, an "intimate lunch/brunch" with him, and an autographed art book featuring his original art.

Tokenize the Rude

During a digital press conference, Hopkins both waxed poetic about the possibilities of digital art and made fun of the less-artistic nature of much of the work that populates the scene.

“The barrier to entry of NFTs is so low," the octogenarian said during the news conference. "There’s a glut of junk in NFTs. The strong will survive, make no mistake. Web3 and blockchain technology are a game-changer."

"NFTs are a blank canvas to create art in a new format," he added. "I’m probably the oldest guy in the NFT community and on social media, which proves all is possible at any age."

This isn't the "Meet Joe Black" legend's first foray into NFTs.

Earlier this summer, Hopkins tweeted at fellow A-Lister NFT enthusiasts Jimmy Fallon, Reese Witherspoon, and Snoop Dogg asking them where to start.

At the time, Futurism noted a conspiracy theory suggesting that Hopkins' talent agency, CAA, may have put him up to his NFT fandom, because the group is an investor in the OpenSea market — the very same ones that the actor will now be selling his own collection on, though per the press conference, all of the proceeds will go towards a charity chosen by the actor and his wife.

With this latest drop, there's no telling whether Sir Anthony's "Eternal Collection" is a genuine passion project or one that his agency nudged him towards — and really, if it looks this awesome, what's the difference?

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