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Apethony Hopkins

Elder statesman of the silver screen Anthony Hopkins appears to be getting into crypto and NFTs — but there may be a deeper reason the actor has taken on his cringiest role yet.

In a widely dunked-on tweet, the "Hannibal" star tagged three of his fellow A-listers — Snoop Dogg, Reese Witherspoon, and Jimmy Fallon — to ask them where he should start on his NFT-buying journey.

"I’m astonished by all the great NFT artists," the tweet read, with Hopkinsesque aplomb. "Jumping in to acquire my first piece, any recommendations?"

Agent Provocateur

As Miles Klee of Futurism's sister site MEL jokingly suggested, Hopkins might want to look into firing whoever put him up to this debasing promo.

In terms of exactly who that was, another Twitter user noted that the Welsh superstar recently signed with the Creative Artists Agency talent managers — the very same agency that represents Snoop, Witherspoon, and Fallon.

Unfortunately, it goes even deeper than that.

Since Hopkins' public turn towards blockchain, Twitter users have been quick to point out that CAA is an investor in the OpenSea NFT market, and others still suggested that the agency is pushing its talent to shill NFTs because of this investment. Media commentator Max Read even outlined, conspiracy map-style, the manifold connections between CAA, its clients, and the NFT world on his Substack.

Futurism has reached out to Hopkins' representation for comment about whether his contract with CAA plays a role in his newfound interest in NFTs. Regardless, it sure is interesting that so many celebrities repped by the same agency are all suddenly interested in this weird new "art" world.

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