Amazon Braket is meant to help scientists and developers tinker with quantum computing.

Quantum Cloud

Amazon just announced Braket, a new cloud computing service that gives developers and researchers a way to tinker with quantum circuits.

According to an Amazon news release, users will be able to build out their own quantum circuits and applications and test them on Amazon's machine. Amazon didn't actually build a quantum computer — instead, it partnered with other organizations that did — but with Braket we now find ourselves even closer to a world where quantum computers are finally commonplace and practical.

Shared Machine

Because building a quantum computer is particularly difficult, Amazon decided to skip that step, according to TechCrunch. Instead, it partnered with three companies — D-Wave, IonQ, and Rigetti — that did build their own.

Essentially, Braket is the unified interface through which developers will be able to access those three companies' machines, giving them the chance to test out and refine whatever quantum programs they come up with.

"By collaborating with AWS, we will be able to deliver access to our systems to a much broader market and help accelerate the growth of this emerging industry," Rigetti CEO Chad Rigetti said, per TechCrunch.

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