We've had our fun; it's just terrifying CGI.

The Future Is Here

If you've been online recently, you likely encountered a viral video of an Amazon mega-blimp dispatching a swarm of delivery drones onto an unsuspecting city.

It's ominous, terrifying, vaguely dystopian, and also fake.

CGI Dystopia

The video comes from a Hiroshima-based artist who was inspired by an existing airship, Lockheed Martin's P 791 hybrid aircraft, Gizmodo reports.

Dropping Loot

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos first teased the idea of delivery drones back in 2013, Business Insider reports, and the company has made headlines as it pursued the technology in the years since, which may explain why some internet-goers believed that the CGI Amazon mothership was real.

But let's be real — the idea of a gigantic Amazon carrier ship looming over our cities isn't all that far-fetched, given the company's rise from online bookstore to trillion-dollar corporate monolith.

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