These smart gadgets are designed to narc on parties at Airbnb rentals.

Party Pooper

Airbnb is encouraging hosts to buy smart "party prevention" devices in an attempt to stop parties that could get out of hand.

The smoke detector-resembling sensors, by smart home companies Minut, NoiseAaware and Roomonitor, can detect changes in the noise level, temperature, and even humidity. They frequently cost $100 or more.

Plug & Play

All hosts have to do is plug 'em into an outlet. Then, if anything out of the ordinary is going on, the narc devices will send them an alert.

It's an arguably weak solution to what has turned into a major issue for Airbnb: In December, company decided to crack down on parties after a Halloween shooting at a San Francisco suburb Airbnb claimed the lives of five people.

Don't Invite Your Friends

The new rules: no more "open invite" parties, and stricter guest behavior rules surrounding noise levels, unauthorized parking, and smoking. Repeated violations could cause guests' accounts to be booted from the service permanently.

But will smart devices sold for a hefty premium — not to mention an additional subscription fee of up to $10 a month — really stop parties from getting out of hand? That seems doubtful.

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