We’ve always known tech can be sexy, but these toys take sleek lines and user friendliness to a, well, deeper level. No longer awkward, ugly, and oversized, today’s sex toys rely on calibrated yet quiet motors and effective, aesthetically pleasing designs. Most importantly, modern sex toys get us in touch with what we like, how we like it, and who we like it with. First, check out this guide to the The Science of Pleasure, then get started with some tech-y sex toys that are proven to get the job very well done.  

Puff by Unbound 


Key Selling Point: A compact and long-lasting clitoral suction stimulator with a pop-design aesthetic. 

Powerful (or gentle) suction action comes in a small package with Unbound’s Puff. It’s a suction toy that most people will likely use as a clitoris stimulator, but it can be placed on nipples or other external zones that make your body feel good. Like all good modern sex toys, this one is waterproof, so its safe around fluids and is always ready for a session in the tub. You get three speeds, accessible with tactile up/down buttons so you can dial in your preferred sensations without looking. The Puff also gives you the most bang for a charge, running for up to three hours on a 90-minute plug-in. 

Aurora Vibrator by Bellesa 


Key Selling Point: A classic insertable vibrator perfect for sex toy newbies 

Ideal for beginners, the sleek and attractive Aurora vibrator is waterproof and easy to use with a single button at the bottom that cycles through seven levels of rumbly intensity. The six-inch insertion length is geared towards those with a vulva (as it has no flared base, it’s not recommended for anal play) but the soft silicone and deep vibes feel good when placed atop just about any erogenous zone. A two hour charge gets you two hours of play time.

Luvli Ditto 2 


Key Selling Point: A remote-controlled G-spot and clitoral stimulator that can also stimulate phalluses. 

Building on the success of the Luvli Ditto, the Ditto 2 adds a remote-control function, adding even more fun for couples. The hands-free G-spot and clitoral stimulator can be used on its own or in combo with a partner’s penis or dildo, and the remote control works up to 30 feet away, opening up plenty of play options. It’s waterproof, rechargeable (plug it in for two hours for an hour of play), and offers 11 vibration modes from gentle flutter to deep thunder. 

Satisfyer Pro 2


Key Selling Point: A hands-free suction stimulator for long lasting orgasms. 

Proving that things that suck are actually pretty great, the Satisfyer Pro 2 gives clitorises the sensation of (very adept) oral sex. After forming a seal with the clit, the device stays in place for hands-free action. For many users, the suction pulsations are quick to stimulate, bringing on long-lasting orgasms crazy quick. A four-hour charge gets you one hour of play. 

Halo Ring by Bellesa 


Key Selling Point: A tech-enabled ring with a classy design and mutual stimulation for partners

The Halo gives a tech upgrade to the age-old cock ring. Employing seven levels of vibration, the ring goes at the base of a not-quite-hard penis to intensify sensation for both the wearer and partner. It’s most often used for penetrative vaginal or anal sex, but could also be an add-on to a low-tech dildo to bring extra pleasurable vibes. Waterproof and rechargeable, the Halo can go for two hours on a two-hour charge. 

Awkward Essentials Dripstick 

Awkward Essentials

Key Selling Point: An innovative way to take care of post-coital messiness. 

Not necessarily a sex toy, the Dripstick is a sex aid nonetheless. It was designed to help with that drip drop annoyance of semen trickling out of a vagina post-sex. For those who don’t want to hop in a shower just yet, but also don’t want to have to change the bed sheets, a simple insert and twist motion will absorb the excess ejaculate making everything a bit more comfortable. It’s probably a good idea to use it over the toilet, since it works best while seated — and people should pee after sex anyway to avoid UTIs. 

Bloomi Water-Based Personal Lubricant 


Key Selling Point: The best water-based lube to use with your favorite silicone sex toys.

While it might seem counterintuitive, silicone based lubricants will break down the silicone on your sex toys. Water-based lubes are what you want for your tech-y sex buddies. This one from Bloomi is made from great stuff like green tea, sunflower seed, and hyaluronic acid — all of which excel at bringing on the wetness. There’s no allergens like glycerin or artificial junk like phthalates for fragrances, so you can happily squish this on all your happy parts.  

Final Thoughts on Tech-y Sex Toys

It’s 2023 and talking about sex and all its trappings isn’t something you have to do with innuendo and blushing giggles. Any adult with genitals can experience the benefits of sex toy stimulation without having to slink into back-entrance establishments or hide their face from the mail carrier. That said, all this stuff ships in discreet packaging, because while sex positivity is a great thing, your business is still your business. 

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