Virtual Reality

Hollywood director Steven Spielberg and Robert Stromberg are apparently working on a project “solely for VR.” The announcement came after Stromberberg was asked about how he thinks VR technology will take the film making industry to the next level.

In his reply, he explains that the tech will attract the interest of a new generation of film makers and innovators and, hopefully, get the attention of those who are willing to think outside the box.

He asserts, “it is about getting other filmmakers interested of course, from the independent level to getting major players involved as well… I can say here, my company – VRC – we’re working with, for instance, Steven Spielberg on a project that’s solely for VR.”

Spielberg is also signed on as one of Virtual Reality Company’s (VRC) advisers, the company that was co-founded by Stromberg.

Also of note, Spielberg is currently attached to direct the best selling novel, Ready Player One—a book that has VR technology as its main theme.


Ready Player One is set to be produced by Dreamworks SDK, a company that Spielberg helped establish and is also noted for their virtual reality projects.

However, fans can only speculate whether Stromberg and Spielberg’s partnership is focused on the bringing the beloved novel to a VR big screen experience, but VRC is also behind one of the best movies that gave the public a taste of virtual reality, by bringing us The Martian in VR.

The entertainment industry has been making big efforts to introduce and explore the new medium, especially for filmmaking, considering the various advancements in VR technology. Veteran names in Hollywood, Spielberg for instance as well as Ridley Scott (who helmed The Martian) could help propel the technology to mass adoption

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