Samsung has set its sights on augmented reality with Spectacle, an AR app for the Samsung Gear VR. The app is now available for download on Android phones that are compatible with the Gear VR.

The app works by using the Android phone’s rear camera to capture real time footage, and it projects it through the Samsung Gear VR’s display (onto which the AR visual are overlaid). These visuals are typically interesting filters. For example, making the world around you look like an first generation Gameboy simulation.

Spectacle also uses gesture controls, a new addition to the Samsung Gear VR, which relies on an integrated touchpad as it’s primary interface. Using the gesture controls, users will be able to swipe their hand across the front of the headset to switch between filters.

These integrated gesture controls take advantage of both VR and AR to track hand motion without controllers like those that come with the HTC Vive.

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