Soylent recently released with the highly anticipated second version of its food replacement drink.  Soylent 2.0 comes pre-bottled, as opposed to the first version, which was a powder you have to mix with water yourself. The new Soylent is also partially derived from algae, using algal oil for half of its fat content. But the most important question is how it tastes.

We were able to nab a shipment of Soylent 2.0 at Futurism ahead of its official launch next month. Here's what we think:

Alex, Futurism

Previous experience with Soylent: I drank it for about 50% of meals for two weeks back when it originally came out. I wasn't overly satisfied, but happy enough to continue drinking it on sporadic occasions, although the taste was bland and experience of mixing it was annoying.

Taste: The taste of 2.0 is way better. It's like drinking the milk after you’ve eaten all the cereal. 

Texture: It's silky. Like almost a smoothie. When I’m not having it, I’m thinking about it.

Could you drink this every day? Totally, I already do. The only thing that would stop me (and may actually succeed) is adverse health effects.

Dan, Futurism

Previous experience with Soylent: I love the idea of Soylent and followed the Kickstarter campaign. I never pulled the trigger on ordering, though, because I like my friends to be guinea pigs first. Also I’m on a low carb diet so I’m not sure I buy the idea of the formula being high carb. Plus I like food. I tasted 1.0 one time, but it wasn’t for me, was pretty repellent.

Taste: I thought version 2.0 was pretty decent. I like the idea and it tasted like a mild version of cookies & cream. I definitely like the idea of buying a bottled version better than mixing a powder. Commercial versions of protein shakes always taste better than powdered DIY mixes.

Texture: Kind of like Muscle Milk, maybe a little thicker. It did make me think twice though about whether I liked it.

Could you drink this every day? Maybe. Right now it’s borderline gross, but I know it’s probably good for me. Kind of like Athletic Greens. I’m hoping it’s an acquired taste and I end up liking it. After all I do drink beer and black coffee, both of which probably objectively taste like shit when you first try them.

Jordan, Futurism

Previous experience with Soylent: I tasted 1.3 and the mix-it-yourself version of 2.0 and was disappointed. It tasted unnatural and overall funky. The pre-mixed version of 2.0 tastes completely different.

Taste: Like vanilla-flavored milk.

Texture: Also like milk, but with a bit more texture.

Could you drink this every day? I can, and have been since we got our shipment! Today I mixed it with my coffee. Delicious.

Kif, Futurism, writer

Previous experience with Soylent: I tried it once back when it was just getting off the ground in 2013. I didn't prefer its chalky taste and found it hard to take credibly as a full food substitute.

Taste: I don't mind Soylent 2.0's taste. It's a lot closer to neutral than the first version -- and that's what Soylent is shooting for. There's also a bit of a cookies and cream aftertaste that's halfway between vanilla and Nilla wafers.

Texture: Because it's premixed, the texture is vastly superior to the first version, which sometimes had pockets of powder. It's actually a bit more watery than I would've expected.

Could you drink this every day? I'm generally dubious of food substitutes in the first place. Considering I could hardly choke even a little bit down, no, I don't think I'm going to give up solid food. But (pauses, chugs the rest of my Soylent serving, roughly 300 calories) nope, absolutely not.


Experience with Soylent: It's my first time. 

Taste: It's quite nice, but bland. You would expect it to be somewhat tastier. Not sweet, but some kind of flavor. At least variations of flavor. Reminds me of milk.

Texture: Bland as well. It’s unremarkable, but it’s not offputting. It’s just…dull

Could you drink this every day? Uhh, sure. But I could not replace every meal with it, but I can see myself having this twice a day at breakfast and dinner.

Soylent costs $2.47 per bottle, and you need five bottles per day for a full Soylent diet. You can preorder Soylent 2.0 now.



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