If you’re not satisfied with the way your music, podcasts, or other types of audio sound in your home, it might be time to upgrade your sound system with something a little more sophisticated than a cheap smartphone speaker dock. And if that's the case, Sonos is one of the most trusted names in home audio.

With Sonos, you can connect two or more speakers together so they’re always synchronized. That means you can walk into any room in your house without missing any crucial guitar solos or conversational asides, all with crystal clear, high-quality audio. You can also sync up your speakers to your TV or home theater, allowing you to pipe audio from, say, a football game, into every room. It's a novel solution to the problem of limited living room couch space during Super Bowl parties. And your new speakers can all be controlled via the Sonos smartphone app, so you don't have to be near the speaker to control it.

Upgrade Your Home Audio System Now With Sonos


Sonos speakers are designed to fill any room with sound, but not just any sound. All of Sonos’ products were designed by experts in the fields of acoustics and engineering with the goal of putting sound first and foremost. Some big names in the field of music have also offered creative input: Rick Rubin, Nigel Goodrich, and notable audio mastering engineer Emily Lazar are just some of those names. All of these collaborators worked closely with Sound Experience Leader Giles Martin to make sure that Sonos speakers closely duplicate and preserve the emotional and technical intentions of all recording artists.

One of the ways this is accomplished is through an innovation called Trueplay technology. Trueplay is described as “spatially-aware tuning technology available in the Sonos app,” and it adapts all audio to the unique spatial properties of the room it’s in, which means your music will sound as good as it possibly can no matter which rooms you place the speakers inside. And thanks to Sonos’ easy connectivity features, that will probably be as many rooms as you have.

The premium and technically precise nature of Sonos audio might lead you to assume that you need to be some kind of technical expert yourself to make use of these speakers and other audio products. But speakers are also designed to be extremely easy to use: you just plug them in, turn them on, open up the Sonos smartphone app, and play.

Sonos works with pretty much any online streaming service, including Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Audible, Deezer, Pandora, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Google Play Music, YouTube Music, and lots more. And they can also be connected with voice control virtual assistants like Alexa or the Google Assistant.

Another cool feature is the ability to easily start your home sound system with just one speaker, then expand it later as you see fit. And as you can see at the Sonos online store, there are plenty of products to choose from whether you’re a single-speaker neophyte or a seasoned audiophile.

The Arc With Dolby Atmos


For example, for premium cinematic sound, there's the Arc smartbar featuring Dolby Atmos. The Arc uses upward-firing drivers to create a virtual 3D soundstage that surrounds you with audio from your favorite movies, TV shows, and games, allowing you to experience them with unparalleled clarity and power.

Sonos Five


The Sonos Five is a high-fidelity speaker for superior sound. It offers vividly clear, room-filling sound for music streaming, vinyl, and more. And when positioned horizontally, Five automatically separates the left and right channels for impressive stereo sound.

Sonos Move


For premium quality audio on the go, indoors and out, it's hard to beat the Move, Sonos's own contribution to the portable speaker category. It provides brilliant sound anywhere and is designed to be weatherproof and drop-resistant. It also offers Trueplay™ tuning, which automatically and continually adapts the sound to adjust to where you are and what you're listening to.

Go to the Sonos site now for more info and to get started on your own next-level home audio system.

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