In what some people believe to be proof that society has become increasingly vapid and self-absorbed, 'selfies' have become a pop culture phenomenon (and not in a good way, like nutella or Game of Thrones). Even if vapidity and narcissism don't always apply, one thing is undeniable (science even confirmed it earlier this year): selfies show how our reliance on technology has ultimately left us disconnected from our roots (i.e. our personal relationships, the universe, and nature in general).

With this in mind, not all selfies are created equal; In the series of photos below, Paul Zizka raises the bar by putting a new twist on the phenomenon, capturing his own silhouette against the backdrop of the Canadian Wilderness — in the Canadian Rockies, specifically.

Photographed regions include Banff National Park's Lake Minnewanka, Cascade Meadows, Lake Peyto and Bow Lake, Haffner Creek in Kootenay National Park, Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park, and Moraine Lake.

Click on each image to see a larger version:

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[su_divider text="Go back to top" margin="10"][su_divider text="Go back to top" style="dashed" margin="10"] [/su_divider](All Images Courtesy of Paul Zizka. In addition to hosting photography workshops, He's on facebook, twitter and instagram as well)

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