If you’re reading this right now, you probably already know that STEM education is incredibly important. Not only does it prepare children for the kinds of jobs they’ll have in our highly technological society, but studies have shown that STEM education also helps to instill traits, skills, and habits like ingenuity, problem-solving, experimentation, resilience, and teamwork. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to get kids to sit down and learn during the best of times. It’s especially difficult when you’re trying to learn at home, where the distractions are almost unlimited. So if you’re looking for science experiments for kids that will make learning fun and engaging, you need to check out this chemistry set subscription service from MEL Science.

Taking The Chemistry Set To Another Level

Mel Science

Of course, chemistry sets have obviously been around for a long time. You probably had one when you were a kid. Your parents probably had one, too. And you can still get them today. But the science experiments for kids we’re talking about here aren’t like the kind you get from the big box stores, which wind up just sitting on the closet shelf accumulating dust. MEL Science takes the chemistry set to a whole new level.

When you subscribe to MEL Science, the first thing they send you is their free starter kit, which includes all the equipment you’ll need to conduct your experiments, including a borosilicate beaker and flask, safety glasses and tray, solid fuel stove, and a macro lens attachment that turns any smartphone or tablet with a camera into a microscope. After that, each month you will receive a new chemistry set with two-to-three different experiments, shipped right to your door.

Each MEL Science chemistry set is designed by a team of PhDs and parents to cover a specific chemistry topic. They are all laboratory tested and completely safe for indoor use. For most experiments the recommended age is 10 and up, though for some the recommended age is 12 and up. However, children under the recommended age can still enjoy almost any experiment with the help of an adult.

In all there are 24 different sets and over 70 different experiments. Most experiments contain enough materials so that they can be performed more than once. Your kids will be able to make a tin pellet grow magnetic quills, turn a cool liquid into hot ice, use electricity to grow metal trees, ignite hydrogen bubbles in a burst of flame, create liquid wires to create electrical circuits, launch their own rockets indoors, and so much more. So in other words, these are some really cool experiments.

Science Experiments for Kids

Mel Science

The best part about a MEL Science chemistry kit subscription is that you don’t just get experiments. Thanks to the MEL Chemistry app, you get an entire chemistry education.

In addition to the starter kit and the monthly experiments, every subscription to MEL Science also includes a virtual reality headset that turns your smartphone into a virtual classroom. This headset is designed to be used with the MEL Chemistry app and allows you to immerse yourself in any substance and explore its molecular structure from the inside. Your subscription to MEL Science gives you access to over 30 different virtual reality chemistry lessons that cover a standard school chemistry curriculum.

MEL Science subscriptions are available on a month-by-month basis, which you can cancel or pause at any time. However, you can also save over $40 with a prepaid 12-month subscription. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a special kid in your life, or you’re looking for a great way to enrich someone’s remote learning experience, a subscription to MEL Science chemistry sets might be the perfect solution. Click here to learn more today.

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