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As any scientist – amateur or otherwise – will tell you that science is happening all around us. But any decent scientist needs equipment to carry out their experiments. Luckily, MEL Chemistry from MEL Science delivers as many as three experiments per month to your door, which is perfect for science-hungry kids, or anyone with an interest in performing scientific experiments at home.

Once you subscribe to MEL Chemistry, you’ll get a monthly package full of everything you need to learn about a particular scientific subject. A subscription costs less than $35 a month, and includes a free MEL Starter Kit (pictured below) with all the basic equipment you’ll be using in your studies. The Starter Kit includes the following:

  • Borosilicate glass beaker and flask. Borosilicate can handle all manner of extreme temperatures without the risks of cracking or shattering that comes with other kinds of glass.
  • Virtual reality headset. A Google Cardboard-inspired rig that turns your smartphone into a makeshift VR set. Along with the MEL Chemistry app, the headset will allow you to explore molecules, crystal lattices, and a wealth of other topics digitized for your immersive pleasure.
  • Macro lens. Snap this special lens over your smartphone camera and voila, your phone is now a powerful microscope.
  • Smartphone/tablet stand. No serious scientist would ever be caught fumbling with their smartphone inside the lab. With this free stand, you won’t have to either.
  • Safety glasses and tray.
  • Solid fuel stove (burner). Safely carry out any experiments that require an open flame with this special foldable stove.

MEL Science Chemistry Sets: Get Your Subscription Now

MEL Science

Once you’ve got the starter kit, you have 28 more chemistry sets to look forward to, each one with multiple experiments inside. This includes “Artificial Sea” with its chemical seaweed and chemical jellyfish experiments, and “Chemistry & Light” which will teach you about glowing minerals and chemical nebulae.

There are 28 chemistry kits and dozens of separate experiments in all, all for $34.90 per month if you sign up for a nine-month subscription. That will cost you $298.40 for all nine months, with the free starter kit and no extra shipping or handling fees. That’s a discount of $15.70 compared to the month-to-month plan. And if you want to save even more, you can sign up for a 12-month subscription for $376.90.

One last freebie is the included certificate that documents the fact that your child has paid their dues in the chemical experiment trenches. And if you’re purchasing a MEL Chemistry subscription as a gift, you’ll be able to print this certificate out and present it to the amateur scientist whenever you want.

To purchase a subscription or to just get more information on all of the MEL Chemistry sets and their accompanying specific experiments, head over to the MEL Science site , today.

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