Subscription boxes have become pretty popular over the last few years, and it’s easy to understand the appeal. Everybody loves getting packages in the mail. Everybody loves surprises. Why not combine these two things and get a package full of surprises delivered straight to your door every month? Of course, the problem with a lot of subscription boxes is that they don’t offer much excitement beyond the initial unboxing. They either contain things you use up and forget, like fancy snacks or exotic cosmetics, or they contain little trinkets that just wind up collecting dust or, worse, going into a landfill. Luckily, some subscription boxes are more interesting than others. And if you or somebody you know is really into science, you’ve got to check out the Matter subscription box.

What’s In A Name?


As you may have guessed, the Matter subscription box is named after the matter that is all around us. The point of this name? To draw your attention to the relationship between all things, and the infinite possibilities our universe has to offer.

As you probably know, matter is defined as any substance that has mass and volume, which is everything we see, touch, and feel every single day of our lives—including ourselves. But believe it or not, in the grand scheme of things, matter is actually incredibly rare. About 99.96 percent of the known universe is comprised of dark energy, dark matter, and non-luminous matter. Only 0.04 percent of the universe is comprised of the kind of visible matter we experience every day. And this tiny little sliver of existence is spread out across 93 billion light years.

When you think about it in these terms, any “stuff” is rare. But cool stuff is even rarer. And if you’re the kind of person who enjoys contemplating these kinds of mind-bending ideas, the Matter subscription box is for you.

Matter Subscription Box

Photo by Matter

Matter is a subscription box designed for anyone who appreciates the vast scale of our universe and the incredible variety of matter we observe within it. When you subscribe, each month you will receive a box with five-to-six amazing scientific artifacts. These include both natural and man-made materials, objects, and specimens that have been carefully selected as some of the most fascinating pieces of matter in the universe. Each month’s selection is curated according to a specific theme, and each item comes with an information card explaining what makes it special. It’s impossible to say exactly what you will receive when you subscribe to Matter. However, past boxes have included things like rare crystals, precious metals, dinosaur teeth, fired Civil War bullets, NASA computer chips, moon rocks, and so much more.

How much does a subscription to Matter cost? That’s the beauty of it. Subscriptions are incredibly affordable, starting at just $25 per month. Plus, new subscribers get 30-percent off their first order.

If you or someone you know is looking for an intellectually stimulating hobby, the Matter subscription box is it. Part museum and part lab project, every shipment is designed to spark curiosity and serve as the starting point for your own research. So don't wait around for the next month to begin. Order your box of Matter today and start your journey of scientific exploration.

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