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Make STEM Exploration A Family Activity With These Ten DIY Kits

Build your own autonomous car, Tesla coil, robot army, and much, much more with ten deals on science kits.

7. 30. 21 by Futurism Creative
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Science kits have gotten serious upgrades since the days of chemistry sets and seed packets. Check out these ten STEM DIY kits the whole family can enjoy, all at an extra 15 percent off the sale price. But act fast, because these deals are only available for a limited time.

SunFounder Nano DIY 4-DOF Robot Kit

Pictured above, this kit shows kids where robotics and coding intersect. First, you put together the bot, which includes an HC-SR04 ultrasonic ranging module to avoid obstacles. Then, use the included coding tools, designed with beginners in mind, to teach it to dance, kick, and walk.

Get the SunFounder Nano DIY 4-DOF Robot Kit for $39.91 (reg. $59) with code ANNUAL15.

Circuit Scribe: DIY Ultra Kit

Circuit Scribe teaches electrical engineering without the need to bust out the soldering iron. Using a conductive ink pen and standard office paper, kids can use templates and creativity to draw their own circuits and bring them to life. It’s also compatible with Arduino microcontrollers to use with more advanced projects.

Get the Circuit Scribe: DIY Ultra Kit for $58.64 (reg. $99) with code ANNUAL15.

Smart Nano Bots PCB Construction Set + Toolkit

For more advanced robotics, it’s time to deploy the Smart Nano Bots. Packaged like trading cards, each robot in this set can be popped out as parts and put together with step-by-step instructions. The set includes a full tool kit, so you can get started right away!

Get the Smart Nano Bots PCB Construction Set + Toolkit for $110.46 (reg. $179) with code ANNUAL15.

DIY Autonomous Vehicle Kit

Designed for kids 8 to 13, this kit was designed to encourage kids’ engineering and coding skills. Using an Arduino microcontroller as the base, kids will build and code their very own autonomous vehicle. It’s fully compatible with brick building systems, as well, opening the door to a huge number of projects.

Get the DIY Autonomous Vehicle Kit for $191.24 (reg. $249) with code ANNUAL15.

oneTeslaTS DIY Musical Coil Kit

This kit comes with all the parts you need to not only build a Tesla coil but understand how it works. It’s perfect for musically minded kids, as you can connect it to a MIDI controller and play any MIDI song. And if that doesn’t impress, the 20″ sparks it generates will.

Get the oneTeslaTS DIY Musical Coil Kit for $339.99 (reg. $449) with code ANNUAL15.

Nibble Educational DIY Game Console

This tiny DIY console starts with a simple-to-build kit that shows kids the basics of electronics engineering. Yet the real fun comes in the coding, as you can plug the console into your computer and build your own games. The code editor is designed to make coding easy, and the software is open-source, so kids 9 and up can build any game they can imagine.

Get the Nibble Educational DIY Game Console for $67.96 (reg. $79) with code ANNUAL15.

DIY Building Block STEM Drone

This tiny drone helps kids learn the basics of flight. With several different forms to assemble it into, kids can learn about aerodynamics and load balance. Plus, once they’re done, they can fly it themselves, doing stunt flips and tricks.

Get the DIY Building Block STEM Drone for $42.49 (reg. $129) with code ANNUAL15.

Metal Vehicle DIY Model Kit

Based on the Bentley Speed Six, this 146-piece model, which really works, shows off the basics of mechanical engineering. Each piece is made of stainless steel and artificial leather, so it looks great. And the finished model is perfect for display once you’re done.

Get the Metal Vehicle DIY Model Kit for $101.96 (reg. $119.95) with code ANNUAL15.

Spencer: DIY Voice Assistant

Spencer gives kids their very own voice assistant to code and customize. First, you’ll solder Spencer together using the step-by-step instructions, learning electrical engineering, LED grids, and more along the way. Then you’ll use CircuitBlocks, an easy-to-use coding language built on C+ and C++, to teach it exactly how to react when you ask a question, a great introduction to coding.

Get the Spencer DIY Voice Assistant for $84.99 (reg. $119) with code ANNUAL15.

Flux Capacitor with Animated LED Lights Kit

This kid comes with everything you need, including official Legos to build it with. It includes a flexible circuit board to introduce circuit-minded kids to the concept and comes with a battery pack. Just don’t take it up to 88 miles an hour!

Get the Flux Capacitor with Animated LED Lights Kit for $46.74 (reg. $64) with code ANNUAL15.

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