While the days of the hearth being the main source of food, warmth, and light are fading into the past, fire is still useful, even in space. But your typical lighter hasn't changed much since we set aside the flint and steel for butane and a spark. The Dissim inverted lighter currently just $39.99, 16% off — is changing that and saving your fingers in the process.

If you've ever tried to light a candle with a standard lighter, you've probably singed your fingers. This is due to the design; a standard lighter isn't built for you to turn it upside down safely. You're not the only one who has suffered, though, which is why more than 7,000 Kickstarter backers raised over $330,000 to fund the Dissim, an ergonomically designed lighter that puts safety first. 

First, it's easy to grip, with a finger hole on the bottom and a wide thumb button that lets you put the flame to the side, away from your hand. The finger hole also makes it easier to click, giving you more leverage to spark up a fire the first time, with a non-slip rubber exterior that helps you keep a grip even in wet conditions.

Second, the flame port is carefully angled to make it easy to direct the candle flame where you want it to go. If you've ever seen a lighter flame gutter up the side, or seemingly refuse to go near the kindling or wick, you'll know how handy this is.

The Dissim is also built for life. It works on standard butane, making it easy to refill when you run low. And it's made of cast metal, rubber, and plastic, so it's rugged and easy to bring with you. So if you're sick of nursing your fingertips every time you want to create a mood or grill some meat, the Dissim, just $39.99 after 16% off, will make it easy.

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