Neuroscience has made some truly amazing advancements, allowing the paralyzed to communicate and opening up a new internal frontier of medicine. Yet we rarely implement these lessons in our daily lives. FOCI uses the latest neuroscience to change that, guiding you to when you're most productive, and when you need to relax. You can grab this focus-boosting wearable for just $89 (reg. $129) for a limited time. 

Tracking And Focus

FOCI uses cognitive biometrics to better understand your mental state. How we feel has enormous, consistent impacts on all our other biological signals. We breath faster and shallowly when we're anxious or stressed, we move more slowly when we're tired, and our hearts beat faster when somebody we love is near.

What FOCI does, when you discreetly clip it to your waist, is track those biometrics, focusing on your breathing patterns. Drawing from extensive research, it assembles a picture of how you feel over time that uses a system of colored orbs. As you keep using it, a fuller picture of your mental state throughout the day emerges.

Drawing Breath

You can use FOCI as a motivator and focus tool, with the app showing you a colored orb to prompt you when you're going off task. Or, a gentle vibration will put your attention back to where it needs to be.

Just as important, you'll be able to track a record of your mental state throughout the day. Some of us are more alert in the mornings, others in the afternoon, for example. Or perhaps there's a time of day where you're particularly stressed out and struggling to keep your attention together.

FOCI will help you spot those times and you can plan around them, getting more out of each day. And, for those times when the unexpected happens, FOCI has a Mind Coach that makes it easier to return to where you need to be.

Get a FOCI for $89 (reg. $129). 

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