Artificial intelligence and machine learning have been used to achieve some amazing things, and also some extremely silly ones. But in your day-to-day life, machine learning is about making your life easier, and Rytr is designed to help non-writers put out amazing copy. A lifetime subscription is on sale for just $75 (reg. $1,250).

AI-Powered Copy

If you're a team of one, or just a small group that has big marketing needs, then you know writing copy is a demanding skill. Once you write good copy, you can repurpose it endlessly, but getting that copy down can be hard work.

Rytr draws from both industry best practices and top-performing copy for the most common use cases to develop text for businesses. First, you choose a use case and language from a growing list of options. Next, choose a template and a tone. Finally, fill in some keywords about your business.

The text then auto-generates, and you can use it for inspiration for your own ads and emails, or tweak it, publish it, and focus on your other tasks. Create the same copy in multiple tones, adapt it to over 25 languages, and automate other copy tasks that used to take up your time.

A Writer Always Available

Rytr is browser-based, and works with both mobile and desktop, so you always have inspiration to hand. A lifetime subscription gets you 75,000 characters of writing a month, perfect for generating ad campaigns, website copy, short blog entries, and other marketing material.

It also automates plagiarism checks, with Copyscape, and has workflow and team management features, so that everyone has a copywriter handy. And with a dedicated account manager and priority email support, you can quickly get back to your other deadlines confident in your copy.

Get a lifetime subscription to Rytr for $75 (reg. $1,250) and get $20 in credit for our store!

Prices subject to change.

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