Premium Rush

Before, we talked about a brand new Virtual Reality (VR) camera from tech giant Samsung: The Samsung Gear 360. The article talked about how the Gear 360 is different from its competitors, that it is smaller, more immersive, and more consumer-friendly. It would allow the casual user to access VR technology.

Maybe we were just a bit too good.

Preorders for Gear 360 in South Korea came out on April 22, and within minutes of launch, all preorders were sold out. Priced at 399,300 KRW (which equates to about $350), the camera makes VR relatively inexpensive for the casual user. It shoots in 3840 x 1920 resolution at 30fps, just a little shy of the 4K resolution.


The Samsung Gear 360 is a light-weight portable 360 VR camera that’s, according to the company, going to give consumers the ability to shoot at will, similar to a GoPro but a little more expansive with the view. It shoots in a fish eye lens just like the GoPro’s do, but it has the capabilities to give you 360 degree range.

The Gear 360 is expected to impact the VR camera market significantly, since it presents itself as an affordable alternative to the high end cameras out there.

Finally, the Gear 360 is set to be compatible to view with wearable VR devices. The Gear 360 is set to pre-release soon in Europe, but they haven’t announced a specific date in the US. Samsung is expected to announce pre-release dates by summer.

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