Samsung, a world-renowned technology and software company, has just released a 512GB solid state drive (SSD) that is capable of outperforming traditional technologies almost 3 times over. The best part about this powerful SSD is its size, as the drive itself is half the size of a typical postage stamp and weighs less that an American dime.

The 512GB SSD, according to Samsung, is made with non-volatile memory express and a host-controller interface with a streamlined register.

Credit: Samsung

It also features a single ball grid array package, which makes it easier to fit into slimmer and more stylish computers (and similar small devices).

Despite its size, this SSD packs quite the punch. Samsung says that their new 512GB SSD is able to read and write at speeds up to 1,500 megabytes per second, which is equivalent to transferring a 5BG HD movie into a device in three seconds or downloading the same movie in six seconds.

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