The Breakthrough

Rwanda has been chosen to be the test country for specialist drones that deliver blood and life-saving supplies across the country at minimal cost, and this project aims to improve health and economic conditions in  Africa. The drones will be able to tackle issues regarding the lack of infrastructure and roads, since they are able to access remote areas with ease. For a continent that has little access to basic medical needs such as blood, these drones will definitely be great solution. The "drone-ports" are set to be fully constructed by 2020.

The Implications

The drones are believed to be a good way of closing the gap between population and infrastructural growth since they can function without having to worry about the lack of roads. Swiss-based Afrotech Jonathan Ledgard believes that the project can "help pioneer advanced technologies in Africa at a massive scale." He hopes that the droneports can truly benefit the continent and provide assistance to the poorer communities.

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