Love it or hate it, mobile gaming is here to stay, especially with phones like the REDMAGIC 7 Pro, which is built specifically for gaming. It’s only natural, considering just how much horsepower Android phones pack into a small, handheld space. Lightning-fast processing and next-gen graphics are more or less a mainstay of newer phones, and REDMAGIC 7 Pro is no outlier in this regard. Here’s our REDMAGIC 7 Pro review.

Is The REDMAGIC 7 Pro Worth it?

Specs and Standout Features

Dimensions: 6.54 inches L x 3.03 inches W x 0.39 inches D
Weight: 8.28 ounces
Display: 6.8 inches FHD AMOLED, 1080x2400 resolution, 20:9 aspect ratio
Refresh Rate: Up to 120Hz (hertz)
Battery: 5000mAh dual cell
Camera: Two 64MP rear cameras, 16MP front camera
RAM: 16GB, 512GB memory

Gaming Powerhouse: The phone’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 high-performance processor provides efficiency and quick graphic rendering on demanding titles like “Asphalt Legends” and “Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile.” REDMAGIC’s own Red Core Chip 1 picks up the slack with non-graphic related aspects like providing crystal-clear audio and haptic feedback. 

True Full Screen Experience: Go AMOLED, or go home. REDMAGIC 7 Pro’s 6.8-inch screen is big and bright, with crisp whites and darker blacks. The front-facing camera is embedded into the screen under the display so not a single millimeter is wasted. 

Stays Cool as the Competition Heats Up: Anyone that owns a gaming rig knows how quick devices with impressive specs heat up. REDMAGIC 7 Pro packs nine layers of heat dissipation including a high-speed turbofan, cooling air ducts, and even a vapor chamber to keep things cool and quiet. 

If you’ve got great gaming specs, flaunt them.

Truly Powerful Performance: Shoulder triggers on the side of the phone are perfect for drifting around corners or calling in an airstrike, especially with a response rate as quick as 8 milliseconds. Dual-axis linear motors provide the same immersive haptic feedback you’d get out of your favorite console “Pro Controller.”

Ready for the Big Screen: REDMAGIC 7 Pro isn’t just great on the go, you can project its screen wirelessly, taking advantage of your current gaming setup. From there, you can utilize not only your screen, but other hardcore gaming accessories like mice and keyboards, all with high image quality and low latency. For another handy option, read our Nintendo Switch OLED review.

REDMAGIC 7 Pro Review: Is This Gaming Phone Worth It?

Like any old fogie, I eschewed mobile gaming as it began to take off. But nobody can resist the clarion call of great graphics and solid pick-up-and-play gaming — particularly on devices we already have in our pockets. Plenty of Android phones pack specs that are comparable to consoles nowadays, and games like “Call of Duty: Mobile” provide surprisingly fun, console-like experiences.

Everything about the REDMAGIC 7 Pro smacks of gamer aesthetics, from the RGB lit fan to the clear black shell proudly displaying the Snapdragon 8 Gen1 chip. REDMAGIC OS 5.0 is a modified Android OS, so it’s not bogged down with unnecessary apps and is fairly streamlined. What’s more convenient is the red slider on the side of the phone that instantly boots into Game Space, an easy-to-navigate hub. Here, you can flip through titles, adjust custom settings, and even map those convenient shoulder buttons.

Shift into high gear with three gaming modes.

No matter what game you’re playing, a simple swipe will bring up an overlay that will not only display the GPU stats of any given game, it will let you adjust them on the fly. Playing “Call of Duty: Mobile” at full 120 hertz was shocking, an overclocking that I didn’t know was possible on a portable phone. Haptics have never been quite as satisfying on a phone. I tend to use a mobile controller like GameSir X2 when gaming on a phone. The fantastic haptics may have me dividing my time between playing with a mobile controller, or free-balling it. 

To test the phone’s cooling capabilities, I played for about an hour using “Rise” settings. The phone didn’t become hot to the touch, but it did run a little warm. Nothing that was uncomfortable, though. It did drain the battery a little quicker, but not as quickly as you’d expect. If this sort of thing bothers you, plugging it into a mobile controller made this a non-issue. After gaming hard for an afternoon, my phone’s battery wasn’t anywhere near critical, it wavered around 20 percent. The fast charger managed to charge my phone to full in about half an hour. Gaming using lighter settings, especially with more lo-fi titles like “Stardew Valley,” barely uses any energy, and “Eco” mode was more than enough to handle the popular farming sim. 

Spectacular specs aside, the phone isn’t without a couple of compromises. Neither the hidden front-facing camera nor the rear-facing one is much to write home about. This is an easy pill to swallow, considering its gaming bonafide. The aspect that I do find obscene is a gaming phone that doesn’t come with a microSD card slot. You’re married to the 512 GB hard drive. The beauty of Android phones is that you can really get into some fun retro gaming shenanigans, but with a cap on space, you’ll have to adjust your expectations. It’s a bummer, but it’s certainly not a deal breaker. REDMAGIC 7 Pro is still pretty impressive at its price point if gaming on the go is your aim. REDMAGIC 7 Pro is available now. For a slightly scaled-down phone at a friendlier price point, the REDMAGIC 7 is available on Amazon.

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