Rendering of the transit (via Griffith Observatory)

Our solar system boasts many strange and wonderful worlds, none of which match Jupiter in size or in strangeness. This gargantuan beast spans many millions of miles across, and has acquired well over 60 moons over the course of its life, but it has a much softer side; it protects Earth from harm by gobbling up potentially life-extinguishing comets and asteroids.

Naturally, moons transit the face of Jupiter relative to Earth regularly, but in an extremely rare event, tomorrow, not one, or even two, but three moons will pass across the face of Jupiter from our vantage point: a celestial event that won't happen again for almost 20 years.

If you're lucky enough to live in the central Los Angeles area, Griffith Observatory (in Los Feliz, CA) will host a live event. You can learn more in the press release below:

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