Your immune system plays a central role in your overall health and wellness. So what are you doing to make sure it has everything it needs to function at its best? Probably not a whole lot. Researchers have used cutting-edge nutritional science to create comprehensive formulas for all sorts of other wellness needs, such as building muscle, optimizing metabolism, supporting cognition. But nutritional formulas designed to support the immune system haven’t advanced much over the last 30 years. However, if you’re tired of grasping at straws—popping random vitamins, and slurping spoonfuls of herbal syrups, just hoping something helps—here’s some really good news. The team of scientists at Neurohacker Collective have created a new product called Qualia Immune.

It’s a nutritional formula designed to provide comprehensive support for your immune system, so you don’t have to take a dozen different pills, vitamins, and supplements every day.

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Four Keys To Comprehensive Immune Nutrition

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The human immune system is incredibly complex. That’s why providing it with comprehensive nutritional support has been so difficult. However, after pouring over all the available research and scientific literature, the scientists at Neurohacker Collective have determined that any good nutritional regimen for the immune system must do four very complex things.

First, a good nutritional regimen should support immune intelligence.

Believe it or not, the human immune system has a kind of intelligence. It has to constantly recognize and respond to information, both new and old. When our system encounters something, it responds with a fast-thinking and general reaction called “innate immunity”. It then draws on stored information for a more slow-thinking, specific resolution plan known as “adaptive immunity”.

Second, nutrition must help counteract immunosenescence. Immunosenescence is the gradual deterioration of the immune system that occurs naturally as we age. It is a process that is particularly hard on adaptive immunity.

Third, immune nutrition should support recognition of new antigens. Antigens are toxins or foreign substances. In a healthy immune system, antigens induce the production of antibodies.

Fourth, and lastly, good immune nutrition should support immune tolerance. Immune tolerance is the immune system’s ability to tell the difference between the body and outside threats, and thus refrain from taking action against itself.

Unfortunately, there is no magic ingredient that can accomplish all these things. Some of these needs are supported by polyphenols. Others are supported by things like algae extracts, trace minerals, probiotics, prebiotics, and beta-glucans. It requires an incredibly deep understanding of how the immune system functions to grasp how much of each ingredient is optimal and how they interact with each other.

Fortunately, this is the exact sort of challenge at which Neurohacker Collective excels.

Qualia Immune: Comprehensive Immune System Support

Image via Neurohacker Collective

For years the science and medical team at Neurohacker Collective has been at the cutting edge of nutritional science. Now they are using their renowned whole system science approach to help busy people support their immune system.

After years of exhaustive research and pouring over hundreds of clinical studies on dozens of potential ingredients, they’ve arrived at the most complete nutritional formula for supporting the human immune system ever released.

Qualia Immune contains 19 different ingredients that have been rigorously studied for their ability to support various aspects of the human immune system. This formula has been specifically designed to support the immune system with the complexity that it demands, maximizing the wellness of one of the most important regulatory systems in the human body.

Like all of their products, Neurohacker Collective backs Qualia Immune with a 100-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, simply return it for a full refund. So there’s no reason not to try the world’s most comprehensive immune support formula for yourself.

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