With 2022 rolling up fast, it's already time to start considering the steps you're ready to take to make the new year a great one. There are loads of professional and extracurricular goals you can set for yourself in the coming year, but your list should probably begin with improving your own emotional and spiritual well-being first and foremost. Because if you aren't fundamentally happy and content, the rest doesn't really matter, right?

You need a body in its best possible condition, free of the nagging aches, pains, and stresses. And you also need a mind uncluttered and anxiety-free, clear, calm, and focused on your overall wellness. The Lyric rhythm therapy massager speaks to both of those needs.

While a massage gun usually pounds away at your flesh repeatedly like it's being tenderized, the Lyric handheld massager delivers with the much more holistic rhythm therapy technique. Unlike the mono-frequency repeated thumping of traditional percussive massagers, the Lyric vibrates with an almost wave-like pattern, ebbing and flowing in a natural rhythm that not only helps soothe tight or sore muscles, but also works to relax the mind, calm anxiety, and boost energy.

The Lyric can lull your body into a parasympathetic state, lowering tension and bringing you to a calming rest. Meanwhile, other patterns can activate a sympathetic response, energizing the body to a full awake alert.

The Lyric connects via WiFi to your phone or tablet to access the soothing patterns, but the device is fully controllable from the easy to use touchscreen. It helps guide users through therapies and doesn’t require juggling both the device and a phone at the same time to promote concentrated relaxation.

“This was very easy to use with the guided settings to relieve the tension I had in my lower back,” user Alex said. “The calm setting helped me the most on the more stressful days while the pain relief setting worked best for my lower back.”

Regularly priced at $199.95, The Lyric rhythm therapy massager is available now with a pair of incentives, both free shipping and a free 1-year warranty to keep your Lyric running for years. Take your wellness journey to the next level Lyric's rhythm therapy!

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